Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

Storage Systems


Pica provides project storage and is comprised by 7 Hitachi HNAS cluster nodes and 3 HUS150 controllers providing roughly 5.5 PB of storage.


Lupus provides storage for Irma and is a Dell IEEL (Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre) storage system. The system includes 9 Dell PowerEdge R630 servers configured as follows:

  • 1 management server
  • 2 meta data servers working as a one high availability cluster. The cluster is connected to one Dell PowerVault MD3420 storage array.
  • 6 object storage servers connected to 6 Dell PowerVault MD3460 storage arrays it the way ensuring redundancy for all the elements of the system.

Lupus is running Lustre file system version 2.5. It supports data striping over multiple nodes and disk targets and can give a summary read/write speed up to 25 Gbit per second. Total capacity is roughly 1.1 PB.


Castor will provide storage for Bianca (SNIC SENS) and is under construction.


Crex will provide storage for Rackham.