What should I think about when giving a course (or workshop) at UPPMAX?

Booking a reservation

Please also read Using your reservation below in order to find out how you tell SLURM that you want to use your reservation.

Unless forced, your students will not have accounts at the start of the lab. We strongly recommend having a mandatory step (possibly "rewarded" with bonus points and or half a credit) at least one week prior to the first lab where the students should log in and run

$ id

and report this back to you. This also gives you a chance to verify the students have the right group membership and will have access to course specific files.

You may also apply for reservations for lab times. These will only be made for specific times (for active sessions) and should be requested well in advance, please contact support@uppmax.uu.se to arrange for reservations to be made.

UPPMAX have reserved the time on (and following) the first Wednesday each month for maintenance windows, so if needed, the system may be inaccessible or in other ways not normally functioning for a couple of days. Try to not schedule labs Wednesday through Friday following the first Wednesday of the month to be on the safe side.

Using your reservation

When the day and time of your reservation you need to tell SLURM to use the reservation. This is done by either passing the --resrvation flag (abbreviated as -R) directly to sbatch.

sbatch --reservation=g2017123_X script.sh

or by including it in an #SBATCH option inside your job script, for example

#SBATCH --reservation=g2017123_X