Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

Maintenance window Wednesday 2017-06-07 -- FINISHED


Maintenance starts at 0900 hours and will probably last all day long. This time, we will:

  • Upgrade kernel and other system software on all nodes of Bianca, Fysast1, Grus, Irma, Milou, and Rackham.

  • Upgrade firmware on two controllers of Crex.

  • Replace Battery Backup Unit of Lupus.

  • Reconfigure internal networks of Bianca.

We will restart all login nodes during the day. Otherwise Fysast1, Irma, Milou, and Rackham will be available, probably only with small disturbances with the Slurm connection. Jobs on these four UPPMAX clusters will continue to run during maintenance.

Biianca will probably be unavailable all day, with stopped Slurm queues.

Storage system Grus will be unavailable during the upgrade.

This news text will be updated during the maintenance, so here you will be able to see when the maintenance has finished.

Update at 1120 hours

Firmware on storage system Crex has been upgraded.

Storage system Castor has been upgraded.

Login nodes have been upgraded . We are now restarting them.

Update at 1300 hours

Login nodes has been restarted and checked.

Battery Backup Unit of Lupus has been replaced.

Storage system Grus has been upgraded.

Upgrade of Bianca proceeds slowly but without any known problems, so we still think that we will finish today.

Update at 1600 hours

Only Bianca maintenance is left to do. We have upgraded everything. Now we are reconfiguring internal networks. We will also make several function tests before allowing new logins. We still plan to finish today.

Update at 1720 hours

We have finished also maintenance of Bianca, and will now close the maintenance window. Please get in touch if something has stopped working.

Next maintenance window is Wednesday July 5th.

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