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Bianca's storage system Castor has problems -- FIXED


Today we have problems with Bianca's storage system Castor, probably seen by all projects on Bianca.

If you get read errors, write errors or the text "Transport endpoint is not connected", you should probably rerun your job or operation.

We are sorry about this.

Just now, at 2015 hours on Sunday evening, everything works OK again, but the problem may reappear tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. We will update this news item with more information, when we have it.

Update Monday at 1745 hours

It is possible that you got more problems this afternoon, but we hope not.

The problem started unexpectedly yesterday, when we set hard file quota limits on Castor.

Now hard quota limits have been set and the problem is fixed.

You are again welcome to run jobs on Bianca.

As an added bonus, you can now expect the "uquota" program to respond quickly. New cacned "uquota" values will be recomputed every hour.

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