Maintenance window Wednesday 2017-08-02 -- FINISHED


Monthly maintenance window begins at 0900 hours on the first Wednesday of the month. That is now.

This time we will:

  • Upgrade Slurm on Bianca, Fysast1, Irma, Milou, and Rackham.
  • Upgrade Linux kernel and other system software on Bianca, Fysast1, Grus, Irma, Milou, and Rackham.
  • Stop no Slurm queues
  • Restart login nodes on all systems

Grus will be unavailable part of the day, meaning that you can not fetch your NGS deliveries until later.

Slurm will unavailable now and then during the day, depending on Slurm upgrade, and restarts of Slurm servers.

Late today, we will start upgrading compute nodes, which will make waiting time in Slurm queues longer.

We will give you one hour notice before restarting login nodes.

We plan to keep you informed about our progress by updates of this web page.

Update at 1100 hours

Maintenance on Grus has finished and it is back in production.

Slurm servers of Milou and Rackham have been upgraded and restarted.

Update at 1400 hours

Login nodes of Fysast1 and Milou are upgraded and restarted. Soon we will do the same with login nodes of Irma and Rackham.

We have begun to upgrade compute nodes of Fyast1, Irma, Milou and Rackham.

We are preparing for upgrade of the login nodes and compute nodes of Bianca. We still think that we will finish before evening.

Update at 1720 hours

All login nodes are upgraded and rebooted. We have also upgraded Bianca, so we are now finished.

Next maintenance window is September 6.

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