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2016-05-18 - Last maintenance window for Nestor on Wednesday -- NOW CLOSED


UPPMAX support for cluster Nestor and storage system Apus ends in May, i.e. this month.

Because of that, we have created a maintenance reservation in Slurm, starting at nine in the morning. After that time, Nestor can be used no more.

You need to evacuate the system before the 18th of May, i.e. copy all important files to your department or to other appropriate storage, because UPPMAX plans to erase all data on Nestor and possibly all data on Apus (i.e. /home directories, /glob directories, /proj directories, /proj/nobackup directories, and other directories).

Regarding data on Apus, some data may be kept, depending on who takes over the responsibility for Apus. (E.g., if project aXXXXYYY takes over the responsibility, data för project aXXXXYYY can be kept, and all other data will be erased.) But until now, no such agreement has been made, so UPPMAX plans to remove all data before end of May.

For a few days after May 18th, users of login server Milou-b may be able to still read data from Apus, until all data is deleted. (Please note that this is no promise that we will keep data after May 18th.)

UPPMAX will also make a test of Apus during the maintenance window. During that test, Apus will be disconnected from login server Milou-b.

We erase the data for security reasons and plan to have finished with that before end of May.

For Milou-b users, we will keep this web page updated during the maintenance.

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