Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

2016-06-01 - Maintenance window Wednesday -- NOW CLOSED


Monthly maintenance window begins at 0900 hours on the first of June.

This time we will:

  • Upgrade kernel and other system software on all nodes of Irma
  • Upgrade system software of Irma's storage system Lupus
  • Upgrade system software on Mosler
  • Upgrade system software on Smog

We will stop Slurm queues on Irma and Mosler, but not on our other systems.

There is a substantial risk that the maintenance of Mosler and Smog will not finish within one day.

To upgrade system software on Lupus, we need a confirmation from the vendor, that we have not yet received . If we do not get it before Tuesday, we will probably cancel the upgrade and re-open the Slurm queue on Irma on Monday or Tuesday.

We plan no maintenance on our storage systems and on our Linux clusters Fysast1, Milou, and Tintin.

During the maintenance day(s), we will keep you informed about our progress by updates on this page.

Update Tuesday morning

Change of plans: We will not upgrade system software on Lupus. Because of that, we have restarted Slurm queues on Irma.

Update Wednesday at 1215 hours

We have upgraded and restarted Milou-f2.

Work is progressing as planned. Just now Irma-q is rebooted, meaning no Slurm command response on Irma at the moment. Later we will restart Irma's login servers, one hour after a broadcast warning to all logins.

Update Wednesday at 1530 hours

We have finished maintenance on Irma.

Regarding Mosler and Smog, we will probably finish the upgrades tomorrow.

Update Thursday at 0920 hours

We have finished maintenance on Smog. Maintenance on Mosler will probably finish before evening today.

Update Thursday at 1320 hours

We still think that the remaining maintenance, on Mosler, will finish before evening.

Update Thursday at 1620 hours

We are progressing and still think that the remaining maintenance, on Mosler, will finish before evening.

Update Thursday at 1755 hours

It is a big risk the maintenance on Mosler will continue after the holiday, but hopefully it will be finished tomorrow.

Update Thursday at 2310 hours

.We have finished maintenance on Mosler

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