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Irma will be restarted to complete security updates -- NOW FINISHED


Hi all users of Irma,

Irma login and compute nodes will be restarted today 2016-10-25 at approximative 16:45 CEST to complete a prioritized security update. The login nodes will become temporarily unavailable during this time. We believe that with this update, the maintenance window for Irma scheduled next Wednesday can be skipped.

Update at 1750 hours

The connection to Lupus from the login servers is not working any longer, after the upgrade.

Please use the interactive command, and work on the compute nodes, until we have fixed this.

Update Wednesday at 1045 hours

The connection between login servers and Lupus works again.

We got problems with "module load", that we now try to fix.

Update Thursday at 1810 hours

Still problems with "module load", and we are still working on it.

Problems with Lupus will hopefully be fixed during maintenance on Wednesday next week. UPPMAX thinks that is OK to run jobs even now, but please keep watch for any error reports, and please report any such to UPPMAX.

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