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Security update on Milou, Fysast1 and Tintin -- NOW FINISHED


Login nodes, compute nodes and service nodes will be restarted on Milou, Fysast1 and Tintin due to an important security update. This is scheduled on Wednesday evening (October 26) and Thursday morning (October 27).

  • Login nodes will be temporarily unavailable during restart, meaning you won't be able to login, and sessions on login nodes will be interrupted.
  • Compute nodes will be updated between jobs. This will not affect running jobs though scheduling new jobs may be slower.
  • During restart of service node, SLURM commands like sbatch and jobinfo will not respond, but running jobs are not affected.

We will update this to inform you on the progress.

Update on Wednesday, 23:50

Upgrade started on compute nodes on Milou and Tintin.
Upgrade finished on login nodes milou2 and milou-b.

The plan for tomorrow morning is to upgrade service nodes and remaining login nodes.

Update on Thursday, 12:30

Servicenodes and all login nodes on Milou and Tintin are upgraded.

Service nodes, login nodes (except milou2 and milou-b) and several computenodes have problems mounting some volumes on storage system Pica. This may result in less nodes available for new jobs and reduced access to files on these volumes. We are moving files from affected volumes to make mounting possible.

Update on Thursday, 13:10

Upgrade is now finished. Pica problem is solved so all servicenodes and loginnodes mount all volumes.

Computenodes will upgrade between jobs and there might be delays in availability of nodes during upgrade, depending on Pica status.

Update on Thursday at 1800 hours

Most compute nodes are now upgraded, so the availability of them are again good if not yet excellent.

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