Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

Decommissioning of Gulo on 2017-01-18


In the near future, January 18, 2017, UPPMAX will decommission the file system known as Gulo. Right now your personal ~/glob directory is placed on that file system.

If you have any files there that you want to keep you must move them to another location before this date. If you want to keep using UPPMAX resources for the files there are a few options:

  • if you decide that the files can be regarded as belonging to a project you are involved in you can move them to that project's nobackup area.
  • if you decide that the files cannot be regarded as belonging to any project you are involved with you can move them to your personal home directory. Keep in mind that the total amount of storage you have in your home directory is limited to 32 GB.

If you don't want to keep the files on UPPMAX resources, feel free to move them to a computer outside UPPMAX.

On January 18th 2017 all remaining files in the current ~/glob will be lost.

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