Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

Maintenance window Wednesday 2016-12-07 -- FINISHED


Monthly maintenance window begins at 0900 hours.

This time we will:
- Upgrade kernel and other system software on all nodes of Fysast1, Irma, Milou, Tintin, and Smog

- Restart Lupus

Slurm queues are stopped on Irma, but not on the other systems. We expect to finish sometime during Wednesday afternoon.

Login nodes will be rebooted once during the day (we will warn logged in users an hour in advance).

During the maintenance day, we will now and then update you about our progress, within this web page.

Update at 13:30

Upgrades are done on Milou and Tintin. This means all running jobs will finish, then the nodes will be restarted and updated before new jobs are started. No jobs are interrupted, but there might be a slower queue the coming week.

Update at 18:00

Most parts of our filesystem checks on Lupus is done. We'll working on getting Irma back in production, this evening or tomorrow.

Update December 8, 14:00

What was planned to do for the service window is completed for Irma and Lupus and queues for Irma are open again.

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