The Milou Cluster

Milou provides 3328 cores in the form of 208 dual CPU (Intel Xeon E5-2660) HP ProLiant SL230s Gen8 nodes with a default memory configuration of 128 Gigabyte.

17 nodes are "medium nodes" with 256 Gigabytes of memory

17 nodes are "fat nodes" with 512 Gigabytes of memory

Milou was put into production on November 18th, 2013.

Technical Summary

  • 208 compute nodes with dual CPUs and dual 2TB disk
  • each CPU has 8 cores
  • total number of cores is 3328
  • 3 login nodes that have the same architecture as compute nodes
  • 128 Gigabyte RAM per node
  • Gigabit Ethernet for all nodes
  • 4xQDR Infiniband interconnect for MPI
Blue computer