How should I acknowledge UPPMAX, SNIC and UPPNEX in papers, or presentations on workshops or conferences?

If the results you get from using the resources at UPPMAX end up in a paper or are presented at a workshop or conference, UPPMAX kindly asks you to acknowledge UPPMAX and SNIC. This helps us ensure continued funding and maintain service levels.

Please be sure to mention both SNIC and UPPMAX. Here is a suggestion on how such an acknowledgment could be formulated (using "bYYYYZZZ" if you have an UPPNEX project):

The computations were performed on resources provided by SNIC through Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science (UPPMAX) under Project SNIC XXXX/Y-ZZZ.

If applicable, also add:

NN at UPPMAX is acknowledged for assistance concerning technical and implementational aspects in making the code run on the UPPMAX resources.