Now available: Two types of storage projects on Crex


Crex is a 2 PB storage system attached to Rackham. Anyone who uses Rackham and needs more than 128 GB of space can apply to one of two rounds in SUPR. Read on for more details.

The UPPMAX Storage round, containing 500 TB, is an UPPMAX-owned resource and is available to any Rackham user. This is the round for chemistry, physics, geology, image analysis, computational linguistics, and so on. 

The SciLifeLab Storage round contains nearly 1 PB. As the name implies, this resource is owned by SciLifeLab and is available to biology and bioinformatics projects. 

The astute reader will notice that 500 TB of Crex storage is unaccounted for. This space is reserved for users' home directories and the standard 128 GB directories granted to every project.

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.